The Money

b. 1986, HK.



From 2012 - 2016 I was the lead producer and a collaborator of the critically acclaimed 'show-game' The Money conceived by Seth Honnor. 

As lead producer I was responsible for all planning and coordination from inception. I worked with Seth and collaborating artist Alice Tatton Brown right the way through devising and production thinking through all aspects of the work and supporting the artistic team to find solutions. 

Due to the site specific nature of the piece, I worked to find a suitable location for it's first iteration and then over the next 3 years worked with promoters nationally and internationally to find locations of past or present decision making and that held significance to each place. 

I led on all tour booking and producing which included Battersea Arts Centre, Houses of Parliament, Looping the Loop Festival, Tianjin Grant Theatre, Pergine Spettacolo Aperto. Arts and Ideas Festival (USA), and Melbourne Festival. 

I was also responsible for all negotiating and contracting as well as the production and touring budget. 

I led on all marketing, press and branding of The Money working closely with Seth to make key decisions around campaigns. 

I also travelled with The Money as it toured. 

If you are interested in finding out more about The Money please visit the Kaleider website. 

How to Play The Money

Become a Benefactor by donating as much as you can. Work with other Benefactors to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have 90 minutes to come to a decision. If you don’t decide unanimously in the allotted time you relinquish your privilege to spend the money and the money rolls over to the next group of Benefactors.

If you’re the quiet observing type you can become a Silent Witness and watch as the group of Benefactors attempt to decide how to spend the money they’ve donated. And if you want to voice your opinion you can always become a Benefactor and buy your way in.

Spend the money on whatever you want. Be as creative as you like. Just keep within the law.