Producing Surgeries

Producing Surgeries

[Bespoke remote support to suit you]

Producer Development has been a significant aspect of my producing practice over the last 8 years and I absolutely love this part of my work. Recently, I’ve become increasingly aware that many self producing artists and companies often don’t have the funds available to be able to work with a producer on a long term basis or might just want support or advice on a specific area e.g. fundraising or tour booking. I also know that many emerging producers or even more established producers want more structured mentoring or support.

I have tried to respond to this need by creating a time efficient, cost effective way for artists / companies / producers to have the opportunity to access remote, flexible, short term, tailored support or mentoring from the comfort of their own home. The decision to be remote (Skype/FaceTime) is to enable you to fit sessions in and around other work, in lunchtimes, without the need to block out hours of your time for what might be a 1 hour meeting - I still very much recommend us sharing a remote cuppa or 2!

I have outlined below a gentle framework for sessions but I am always happy to create bespoke offers so please get in touch below if you like the sound of this but can’t see quite what you are looking for or if you would like more information.

You can see all of my experience and areas of expertise here.

One off sessions

[1 hour]

You might have a really good handle on most of your producing but have a couple of areas that you’d like to work through. Within a 1 hour session we can cover a single topic in depth or talk through multiple aspects of producing.

Areas I often get asked about are:

  • Tour booking/strategies

  • Fundraising i.e. funding frameworks, writing a bid, making the ask, places to apply, a strategy of how to raise the money or a fundraising campaign (see my experience here)

  • Financial management/budgets/processes/reporting

  • Freelance best practice

A one off session is £35 and would include any communication and preparation before the meeting and if applicable a template or follow up email with practical advice.

If, after the first session you’d like to book more I can offer a £10 discount when booking 3 sessions at a time.

MORE in depth sessions

[2 hours]

If you have a meaty subject or project you’d like to work through or a tricky budget you’d like to dissect more, then a multiple session approach might be a good idea.

More in depth support is based on a 2 hour session costing £65 (payments can be made in instalments) and includes communication before the meeting and if applicable a template or follow up email with practical advice.

If you are seeking advice on a funding application this would be 1 hour of a session beforehand to read through with 1 hour follow up.

If after the first session you’d like to book more I can offer a £15 discount when booking 3 sessions at a time.

Longer term

[MIN: 1 hour a month for up to 6 months]

Being a producer or an artist can be a lonely business, when I first became freelance I had a coach for 6 months with bi-monthly hour long sessions, it was brilliant to have this in my diary and know that I could save questions or things I was finding challenging for those sessions.

If you would like to have something like this, if perhaps you are working up to something (maybe making the leap to freelance or a large project) or you like the idea of a a regular check in with an impartial, friendly face, with a decade of experience in this field in the South West then please get in touch.

My starting suggestion is 1 hour a month for up to 6 months but again, I am flexible and so please get in touch if you’d like to suggest an alternative.

As this is a slightly bigger commitment for you the cost would be worked out based on your exact needs. Please email me for a bespoke quote.


  • All costs can be worked out on a payment plan

  • Prices include preparation for each meeting and a follow up email with practical advice and template (if applicable)

  • Communication in between sessions will include setting an agenda/goals or arranging times

  • Sessions will usually be held on Skype or FaceTime but phone calls are also an option

  • Sessions should be for no more than 3 people

  • The rates are set for 6 months while I test this new way of working out

  • There are discounts available for multiple sessions

  • All sessions will be treated as confidential

  • Sessions are available from January 2019 but I am taking enquiries from now (Nov 18).