Paper Secrets

b. 1986, HK.


JUNE 2013

This installation is the first component of a larger venture of multiple performance projects that will take place in Exeter over the coming year. This is a year long investigation into what happens to us, or what could happen to us when we posses secrets or choose to disclose them, and equally what occurs in the altercation between the secret keeper and the stranger.

4th June – 4th July 2013

In a corner of the Bike Shed Bar you will find a locked bureau…go to the bar and ask for the key…

Is it fair to say that we all have secrets? I know I do, and I know others that say they’re keeping secrets. But what might you uncover about yourself, or your secrets if you could write to a complete stranger revealing what you keep hidden, or if you could write with the assurance that they will never be read?

Paper Secrets invites you to explore and play with what happens in the very moment you put pen to paper and scribe your secret, in the moment you choose whether to let a stranger read your secret, or to seal it forever.