Current Projects


Current Consultancy & short term producing.

Anne Marie Culhane (Producing support) | Beyond Face (Organisational Development) | Chris Harrison (Producing support) | David Lane (Project Dramaturgy) | Impermanence Dance Theatre (Strategy and organisational development) | Simon Day (Organisational Development) | Wyldwood Arts (Advisory Board Member) | Viki Browne (Fundraising & Producing)


Senior Producer - Theatre Ad Infinitum

I work with Ad Infinitum for 2 days a week supporting their ambitions in terms of producing their current work, touring, fundraising, business planning, partnership development and advocacy.

Ad Infinitum is an international ensemble of theatre-makers based in Bristol, UK, that develops new and original theatre for diverse audiences.

Ad Infinitum’s mission is to create theatre that examines social and political themes through innovative storytelling and bold experimental styles, making something completely different each time; to work with an international ensemble of talented practitioners, making theatre that draws upon the power of the body and movement; and to challenge, move and provoke global audiences by igniting passionate debate about urgent issues.

To find out more visit www.ad-infinitum.org

Design by Pete Moffat with original photography by Alex Brenner.


Producer -Honeyscribe

I am working with Honeyscribe 1 day a week to deliver a series of events, a fundraising campaign and longer term strategies.

Honeyscribe is led by Artist Amy Shelton.

Honeyscribe delivers educational creative workshops, art exhibitions and installations, and other opportunities for the public to consider the role of bees and other pollinators and the importance of biodiversity in our shared ecology. We deliver projects and activities which use art, literature and music to highlight the connections between bee health and human health and help to raise awareness of the importance of bees in our shared landscape.

Image is a detail from Princesshay Honey Flow (2016) light box.

WILD_HERO EDIT landscape.jpg

Producer - WILD/Stitch

Between October 2018 and April 2019 I am working with Katie Villa and Laura Mugridge to producer a Spring tour of WILD and it’s companion participatory project Stitch.

Wild is new bold piece of theatre about how we might be using the wrong language when we talk about birth. As part of the making process, Katie and Laura have worked with local women and birth professionals, each one of whom has their own completely unique experience of birth. There are as many birth stories as there are people.

Wild is part riot, part disco, part rite of passage. Expect comedy, music, loudness, bold talking and glitter.



Producer - Molly Naylor

I am working with Molly Naylor between December and April 2019 to producer the tour of her latest work Lights! Planets! People!

For dates please visit www.mollynaylor.com

Renowned space scientist Maggie Hill recently launched a career-defining mission to find habitable planets. It didn't go well. Shortly afterwards, her girlfriend stopped speaking to her. She's going to have to address both of these catastrophes. Maggie is giving a lecture about her career, to inspire young women to work in science. She's also attending her first therapy session, in which she's at pains to state how her bipolar disorder isn't relevant to the conversation. The spaces overlap as we begin to build a picture of Maggie's greatest achievements and biggest regrets.

LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! is an intimate and exhilarating story about communication, both interpersonal and intergalactic.

Design by George Payne.

Executive Producer - Raucous

Raucous is a collective of theatre makers, scientists and technologists who investigate how theatre stories can be made more immediate, urgent and immersive for an audience. Working in a network of collaborators we explore how to harness different creative technologies to build and tell stories that are vibrant, vital and visceral.

To this end we create theatre stories that have digital technology sewn into their very narrative fabric, underscored by original music, film and performance.

Then we invite our audience into an unexpected, surprising space...

We are resident at Watershed’s internationally acclaimed Pervasive Media Studio.

Contracts of Care

I am currently developing my Contract of Care template model and the wider meaning of care within best practice between Artists and Organisations.

Contracts of Care are designed to empower independent artists and producers.

In 2012 Wide Awake Devon needed to contract a number of live performance companies where there was no financial exchange.

After a number of conversations I developed the Contract of Care which sets out the expectations of both parties in terms of behaviour, commitment, ambition using informal, plain language.

The currency of a Contract of Care is value.

I then developed the template for Contract of Care for commissioning through my role at Kaleider.

The Contract of Care is currently used for all resident relationships and commissioning agreements at Kaleider.

If you are interested in using the Contract of Care template or talking more then please get in touch.


To Gaggle – is to bring a group of producers or like minded individuals together to share successes, challenges, ask questions and impart learning or forms of best practice. The group (usually no more than 10) use each other as a support network, sounding board and critical friend. We often found discussing work we had seen was a good starting point. A Gaggle usually lasts an hour.

Gaggling – is to bring a group of producers or like minded people together, perhaps around a kitchen table, or in a cafe to work side by side. Often the host will make lunch, or everyone brings something to share. Usually a Gaggle occurs at some point during the day. Commonly held on a Friday. Gaggling offers the chance to simply be in a space with others, to share ideas, ask opinions or questions about projects or tasks and ultimately to build a community of people who support and encourage each other in an often lonely discipline. Gaggling is similar and sort of like a cousin of #Souping led by 3 Independent Producers in Brighton; Lucy Foster, Emily Coleman and Ruth Dudman.

If you’d like to host or be a part of any future gaggles please let me know.

The original Geese were Wide Awake Devon Associate Producers: Lizzy Humber, Rachael Burton and Danielle Rose (guided by Emily Williams & Monique Luckman)